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General Guidelines for Purchasers

In addition to the tasks your lender, agents and closing agencies must perform, there are a number of items involved on your end as well. The following checklist is a guideline to help you during the process.

Prior to Looking for Your New Home:

  Decide on the lender you want to use and begin the process of getting pre-approved.

Immediately After the Final Contract Has Been Accepted:

  Provide your lender and our office with a copy of the contract and contact information. Either you or your agent can do this.
  Once we receive the contract, we will send out an information sheet for you to fill out and return to us. We ask that you return the information sheet to us within 2-3 days to ensure we are able to order the deed the way you request.
  We are also able to order a survey quote if needed or wanted.
  Order a home inspection. If the home inspector noted any items that need to be repaired, have your agent create an inspection addendum to the contract for the seller to make the necessary repairs.

Two Weeks Before Closing Date:

  Contact your lender to ensure the closing is on schedule. If the closing is on schedule, now is the time for the following:
  Schedule your moving truck.
  Set-up the transfer of your utilities.
  Fill out a change of address with the post office.

3-5 Days Prior to Closing:

  Contact our office to schedule the date and time of your closing if we have not already done so.
  Schedule a walk thru of your new home with your agent.

The Day Before Closing:

  Conduct the walk thru of your new home with your agent.
  Verify any required repairs have been made.
  Get certified funds for the closing.

Day of Closing:

  Have all borrowers and persons listed on the deed bring their photo ID.
  Bring your certified funds with you.
  Bring any additional documents requested by your lender.


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