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Sherwood Title Company has been offering Title Insurance Services to customers in the Colonial Heights, TriCities VA area for over 12 years.

Top 10 Ways You Could Lose Your Home

  1. Fraud, fictitious names, forged deeds, mortgages, satisfactions or releases
  2. Deed by person or entity who is unauthorized or incompetent
  3. Court proceedings leaving your title under contention
  4. Errors in deed signing, power of attorney or tax records
  5. Undisclosed but recorded information
  6. Deed not recorded correctly (wrong county, missing pages or other contents, or without required payment)
  7. Deed recorded, but not properly indexed so as to be locatable in the land records.
  8. Uncontacted Heirs or falsely-declared deaths
  9. Illegal fencing or building on your property
  10. Unpaid taxes


And 1 Way to Stop It

Without title insurance from a reputable and financially secure company, your title could be worthless. With the proper insurance, your rights will be defended in court.

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